Nick Westbrooks On Wholistic Health & Self-Care

I was featured on the Lavender Bliss blog building on self-care and mental health. Check it out!

Lavender Bliss

Meet Nick Westbrooks. Nick shares his experience on the blog today in regards to wholistic health, mental health, self-care and the power of breathwork. I hope you enjoy.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well, I’m a supreme, spiritual being having a human experience, a masculine Original Man. I’m a well-rounded, multifaceted person who doesn’t fit nicely into a specific box or label. I’m a Capricorn sun, Sagittarius rising, Aquarius moon, and a Master Number 22. I’m a son, godfather, friend, public high school teacher, book lover, numerology student, business manager, and YouTube content creator. I’m a NJ native who grew up at the Jersey Shore and relocated to North Jersey after college. Speaking of college, I’m a proud Howard University representor.

What does self-care & soul care mean to you?

The physical, mental, and spiritual self are all interconnected. One area can affect all three and vice…

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Toxic Relationships That We Love

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I am sure we all have some experiences of being involved in toxic relationships that were difficult to get rid of. Not by force, but because we actually LOVED those relationships. I know it may sound crazy to love something that is not good for you -the truth is we do it every day. From what we eat to the things that we do to our bodies. This has been an area of my life that held me captive for a long time.

Sure, I asked myself over a thousand times “why do I like being a part of these toxic relationships?” Now when I mention “relationships” I do not mean just romantic but friendships as well. Whew! Not only did it take one, but about three toxic relationships later when I was able to understand why I did. Believe it or not, it was because of hope. I had…

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Forgiveness and Healing

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Deciding to Forgive

One of the hardest things that I had to face as an adult is forgiveness. When I think about how hard it is, I ask myself why it is worth it? The things that we face in life at the hands of others can be painful; however, to gain healing requires us to forgive. As I am writing this post, I am reminded of how long it took and will take me to forgive people for failed investments in relationships, betrayal, dishonesty, just to name a few. For me, it was a battlefield between keeping this fiery anger or gaining healing. Yes, it is easy to say go for the healing, but there was something about holding on to the anger that I felt was necessary. Anger taught me a lot about myself. It showed me how invested I am in relationships, that I have resilience…

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Creative Writing: Smoke, Fog & Haze

By Mr. Westbrooks


A 12-minute, cursive free-write for a “Write Club” activity that we did during an English Department professional learning community (PLC) meeting. This is what was birthed in my mind and transcribed from my all-purpose composition notebook onto a blank WordPress post. To maintain the organic essence and integrity of my uninterrupted and free-flowing thoughts, no edits or additions have been made.

But first, the prompt: 

Smoke, Fog & Haze: Write about not being able to see ahead of you. 

I’m moving. Where am I going? I’m not sure. If I’m walking, I see my feet and the immediate ground in front of them, but if I pick my head all the way up and look forward, I can’t see a damn thing ahead of me. I’m squinting my eyes like the woman on the meme that’s been virally circulating Twitter and Instagram. You know the one where the caption goes…”Me trying to see which season it’s gonna be outside today.”

Even though my visibility is low, almost non-existent, I keep moving. Straightforward? Diagonally? I’m not sure, but I’m moving. I’m moving slowly, because I can’t afford to misstep. Like Ferris Bueller, I can take a nasty spill down some stairs and subject myself to further school absences…Have a nice day.

The sad thing about it is that I have a feeling…deep inside of me that the path I’m pacing…is a path I’ve walked before. It should all be familiar, but it remains to be a mystery. Is it brand new? Or, am I simply not trusting the process, following my inherent intuition? I think it’s the latter.

I look down, see my feet and the ground…look up, can’t see a damn thing. This is the consequence of having sight but no vision.

Sight No Vision

Fight For Your Right To Speak!

Asiatic Kween Mind

Peace family, friends, and fellow Kings and Queens!

Earlier today I was watching a video in regards to a new Senate Bill that has been passed by the California Legislature, and Senator Richard Pan, regarding to our 1st Amendment Rights of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Press. And what I was hearing really made me feel some kind of way! It is referring to Senate Bill 1424. Allegedly we will be limited to what we say on our social media pages, and other public AND private forums including texts and personal emails in regards to the government and other officials! I went onto the California Legislative Information website myself to see if the video was just going above and beyond what was really being said. And here’s what I found;

[SenBill1424]: It was introduced February 16th, 2018 and amended March 22, 2018 (9) By Senator Richard Pan, of California…

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IRMA: The Unnatural Disaster

Asiatic Kween Mind

Early this a.m., I was watching the news and saw the newscaster explaining yet another hurricane. Tis the season! They were explaining how it could hit the East coast at a category 5 level. Yes, we’re talking worse than Hurricane Harvey! And it got me thinking. So I decided to do some research.

A few weeks ago, maybe a little over a month actually, I was in YouTube and the they were coming up with a conspiracy that something big will happen after a tropical storm around Sept. (23)rd, 2017. And immediately I started thinking of Numerology. 23/5, coincidence? Allow me to explain.

In numerology, five is a number of life and nature. In Hebrew number five means seizure and contraction. (Amongst other things) Due to the attributes of two and three, twenty three is a number of duality, charisma, communication and society. Twenty three has the ability to use…

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The Fall Of The Black Household

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One day, someone posted a question asking what happened to black love. It didn’t take me more than 5 seconds to give my answer… “It died when Women’s Liberation & Black Feminism started.” Yes, I’m sure you’re thinking what do i mean by this. Maybe you’re telling yourself that it was for the greater good of black women. But, at what cost? Let me break it down the best way I can.

Women’s Liberation, aka The Feminist Movement, has taken a toll on not only black women (who followed suit) but the black family. That wasn’t for us, but they made it about us and turned us away from our own men. They created a sense of extreme dependency.. They had us say things like, “I don’t need a man for anything.” Really think about how that sounds!

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with being single. Or having…

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Shakka Ahmose “The Codex-Game Over- Revisited; 56 Arrows-Horus has RISEN-Day 2″


Greetings Shakka. I hope this message finds you in great health! This is day two of 56 Ahau em pedjet em Madjai.  Today 11/3/2015 I am up early looking over excerpt #2 from your work The Codex-Game Over, Utterance 388 681a.   I am delighted today because my examination of your second excerpt feels much like a minimum day in grade school! I do not have alot to write today because my analysis was cut short when I noticed that you are in great error (again) comparing Utterance 388 681a “Horus has Risen” to 1 Corinthians 15:20 “Now Christ has Risen”. It would take a person skilled in Medu Netcher, or maybe just a researcher armed with only the propensity to check an authors source material to find out that excerpt 2, “Horus is RISEN” IS NOT IN THE PYRAMID TEXT AT Utterance 388 681a. See the photo below Shakka (do…

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24 HRS Of Peace: An Emcee’s Plea

If All Lives Matter, Why Is My Shirt Bothering You?