Call to Action: A Review of the New Jim Crow

Andrew Reginald Hairston

This piece appeared in the February 2014 edition of the LSU Law Center’s Student Publication – The Civilian. 

As I began my junior year at Howard University in August of 2011, I was drawn to the story of Troy Davis. Davis had been accused of killing a Georgia police officer nearly 20 years earlier, and, following the adjudication process, he was ultimately sentenced to death. As his imprisonment term dragged on, various trial witnesses began to rescind their earlier testimonies and the Davis case began to receive more scrutiny from the public. In the days immediately preceding his execution, various civil rights advocacy groups employed the use of the hashtag “Too Much Doubt” to raise awareness about the fast-approaching execution of a potentially innocent man. After several stays of execution, the day of reckoning was set on September 21, 2011. When the day arrived, a group of Howard students and…

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