Peace to Donald Hill: A Recent Memory of My Brother

Donald Hill

Donald Hill

By Nick Westbrooks

Peace to my brother in Christ Donald Hill who is now in the spiritual essence. He left this physical space earlier this week, and it was shocking and unexpected. He was a fellow disciple of Christian Brothers United (CBU), a Howard Bison and a friend.

Our last conversation centered on the upcoming Alternative Spring Break (ASB) season. While I was in the computer lab getting some work done, he encouraged me to apply for ASB. It was something I always wanted to do, but I seem to consistently miss the application deadlines. He told me he was the coordinator for the Chicago trip, and that alone revealed his passion for the youth and ending gun violence in the urban war zone.

And Chicago was exactly the place where I’ve always wanted to go for ASB. In addition to being followers of Christ and stand up Howard men, we connected on another level as young brothers passionate about ending gun violence in both Chicago and everywhere else.

To make his ASB pitch more appealing, he stressed the selection committee’s overwhelming need for men to apply. He even joked about the opportunity for me to be around a cluster of Howard’s beautiful and dynamic sisters. I was already convinced before we had this conversation, but he definitely had me sold on that point! (laughs)

Now, I have the obligation to apply for ASB – not only because I owe it to the Chicago’s youth, but I should do it in honor of the life of my dear brother Donald. He was truly a caring friend, man of God and gentleman. He was a brother with ambitious aspirations, a communicator in the School of Communications and a future lawyer. He offered encouragement to everyone he interacted with and advice to those who needed guidance. He was a loyal and loving boyfriend to a wonderful young woman. Everyone including myself will miss him, and Howard won’t be same without him.

Donald’s unexpected and too-soon passing reminds us of how precious life is and to cherish the people we have in our lives and to not take them for granted. To my brother Donald, I love you and I’ll miss you; to everyone else who isn’t here, I love and miss you all. To everyone that’s missing someone, they may not be here physically, but their memory and spirit will always be alive. When you start to think of them and miss them, lay it down for the Lord. Peace. Ase.

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