Questlove & Black Thought Discuss Broadway Hip Hop Musical “Hamilton” (VIDEO)

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(AllHipHop News) The Roots’ Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson and Tariq “Black Thought” Trotterr were tapped to produce the album for the Broadway production Hamilton. The Philadelphia natives, along with play creator Lin-Manuel Miranda, spoke with Billboard about the Hip Hop musical.

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“This is like definitely one of the first authentic Hip Hop head approved projects I’ve ever seen on this part of Broadway,” says Questlove. “Just to be associated with it is amazing.”

Hamilton is inspired by the Ron Chernow biography of the first United States Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. The show got a huge endorsement when President Barack Obama and first Daughters Sasha and Malia viewed the play earlier this month.

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Watch Questlove, Black Thought, and Lin-Manuel Miranda discuss Hamilton below.

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Emmett Till HBO Miniseries From Jay-Z, Will Smith & Aaron Kaplan In the Works

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EXCLUSIVE: Emmett Till was only 14 when the black teen was brutally murdered after allegedly flirting with a white woman in Mississippi in 1955. The tragic story that galvanized the emerging Civil Rights Movement is the subject of an HBO miniseries from a A-list producing team that includes Jay-Z, Will Smith and Aaron Kaplan. 

The untitled mini, now in active development, is described as an immersive and in depth exploration of the Emmett Till story. Search is underway for a writer to pen the project, likely a six-hour miniseries, executive produced by Jay-Z and his partner Jay Brown of Roc Nation, Smith and James Lassiter of Overbrook Entertainment and Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment.

willsmithjayzChicago native Till was visiting relatives in Money, Mississippi in August 1955 when he spoke and possibly flirted with Carolyn Bryant, the 21-year-old White co-owner of a local grocery store, reportedly asking her on a date. Several nights later, Bryant’s husband Roy and his half-brother J. W. Milam…

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Education & Hip Hop Youth: “The Souls of Crack Smoke”

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The LATH Cover (SE)In the American literary classic, “The Souls of Black Folk,” W.E.B. DuBois eloquently describes the twoness the African American population feels living as both an American and also as a Negro: “…two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideals in one dark body…” I’m sure if Mr. DuBois was a prophet, in his brilliant analysis, he would have warned us about the “Threeness,” a third personality that would arise in many of us in days to come – the crack cultured 70’s & 80’s baby.

In discussions of education and youth engagement, the havoc the crack cocaine epidemic brought to inner cities and American society as a whole has been greatly underemphasized. Quietly behind the stories of drug addiction and family destruction, heart wrenching statistics of mass incarceration, and high numbers of chemically imbalanced babies born addicted to a narcotic they never chose for themselves, stands another compelling story. It…

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‘Kids Behind Bars’ Documentary Gives An Exclusive Look At The Lives Of Incarcerated Juveniles

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The school-t0-prison pipeline is alive and well in America.

There are currently more than 60,000 individuals under the age of 21 locked behind bars in the United States.

On Sunday, April 12 at 10PM, Al Jazeera American will give us an exclusive look at the lives of incarcerated juveniles through the lens of Soledad O’Brien’s latest documentary, “Kids Behind Bars: A Soledad O’Brien Special Report.

According to a press release, “Al Jazeera America was given extensive access inside a once-notorious juvenile lock-up, the J. Paul Taylor Center in Las Cruces, New Mexico, where the state is now trying something new: offering education, counseling, and maybe even a second chance for juvenile offenders.”

“In “Kids Behind Bars: A Soledad O’Brien Special Report,” Al Jazeera America examines the human impact of CAMBIAR, modeled after a similar program in Missouri with one of the lowest…

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Freeway Rick Ross’ Drug War Documentary “Crack In The System” To Air On Al Jazeera America

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(AllHipHop News) The compelling story of crack dealer-turned-motivational speaker Freeway Rick Ross has been turned into a documentary. Freeway: Crack In The System is set to air on Sunday, March 8 at 9 pm on Al Jazeera America.

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Award-winning filmmaker Marc Levin (SLAM, Mr. Untouchable) explores how the crack cocaine epidemic destroyed neighborhoods throughout America. The film centers around 1980’s drug kingpin Freeway Ross and Gary Webb, the journalist that broke the story of the CIA’s alleged involvement in trafficking illegal drugs into the United States.

“The genesis of this film was personal. As a child of the sixties I have long been fascinated by stories of the U.S. intelligence community’s connection to drugs and drug traffickers,” states Levin. “I was at the Iran Contra Hearings, producing for Bill Moyers on ‘The Secret Government’ and sitting only feet away from…

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10 Ways Malcolm X Influenced Hip-Hop

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Hip-Hop emerged on the heels of the civil rights movement in America.  Therefore, the influence and messages of the Black Panthers, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, and Malcolm X were all very prevalent in rap’s early days.  And with Saturday, February 21, 2015,  being the 50th anniversary of Malcolm X’s passing, wanted to pay tribute to the civil rights icon by celebrating his life and acknowledging the impact he played in so many people’s lives. Here is a list of ways in which Malcolm X helped shape Hip-Hop.  As a culture, it is will always be better than it would’ve been without him.

Samples: Naming music that samples Malcolm X would be an entire other  (very long) list, so as a way of giving props to all of them, check out Keith Leblanc’s record, “No Sell Out.”  The precedent that this Tommy Boy-released song set over 30…

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‘Ghettoside’ Focuses On Gang Homicides In Black Community


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