The killing of Kajieme Powell: “a good shoot” is an oxymoron

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I received the following note on Facebook:

“Bro. Asa, I’m also distressed about the recent killing of Kajieme Powell. I understand Police having to protect themselves but this young man was acting erratically and after viewing the video ; it looked like “suicide by cop”. Are the cadets trained on how to disarm someone acting in a bizarre manner who is probably mentally ill without killing him. One officer years ago told me that you can drop someone by shooting them in the legs/knees/arms. He’s never had to kill anyone. They cuffed this young man and it was clear that he was down and unable to attack anyone. I guess I’m wondering given your law enforcement expertise; (when you have the time) if you can address these issues on your blog. I also understand the precariousness of doing so given your profession. I would like to see more Officers with…

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The black middle class failed Michael Brown long before a white policeman shot him

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Last week, as I sat and watched the events unfold in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of Michael Brown, I went through a range of emotions: rage, grief, depression. Even without the full details of the case, it was upsetting—horrifying really—to see another unarmed black body slain in the broad daylight for the entire world to see. For days and days, I tried to express the emotions that I was feeling, but my fingers went limp.

Perhaps, I thought, I was angry that I had to write another piece about an unarmed black man being killed in the streets. Perhaps, I was upset that once again a black man was being framed as a thug rather than a victim, or perhaps I was sick of being reminded that the brown bodies of my friends, cousins, and brothers are perpetually marked as prey by the very people who are supposed to…

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Why Farmers’ Markets Might Save The World

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Many Apples In A Row And One Pear

Experts agree that one aspect of health disparities in poorer communities is linked the lack of affordable access to fresh fruits, vegetables, meats and other hallmarks of healthy nutrition.

But, according to a new study, a new food concept may help relieve this problem, thus expanding the world of healthy eating to at-need families.

Essentially, providing low-income families vouchers to buy fruits and vegetables at farmers’ markets could increase consumption of healthier foods.

According to study findings, people who were given the vouchers were found to increase their produce consumption. In fact, study participants with less education consumed the most significant amounts.

“In terms of healthy food options, farmers’ market incentives may be able to bring a low-income person onto the same playing field as those with greater means,” study author Carolyn Dimitri, an associate professor of food studies at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development, said…

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Teenage Missionary Accused of Raping Young Children at African Orphanage

Nick Westbrooks:

This is alarmingly reminiscent of the mindset and behaviors of the “missionaries” that visited Africa during the slave trade.

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An Edmond teenager faces a possible life in prison sentence after authorities say they learned about shocking crimes he allegedly committed on an African mission trip.

The suspect was volunteering at a Kenyan children’s home when he allegedly raped and molested a number of young children.

According to court records, 19-year-old Matthew Durham confessed to raping several young girls, forcing some boys to perform oral sex on him and even making other kids watch.

“This is a young man in our community that made choices to exploit children in an orphanage,” said United States Attorney Sanford Coats. “It’s a true tragedy all the way around.”

The 19-year-old suspect traveled overseas with a group called Upendo.

Upendo is an organization that assists neglected Kenyan kids by providing food, housing, clothes and religion.

While Durham volunteered to travel overseas several times over the last two years, on his last visit, the criminal…

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New Book Details For Young Adults What Awaits Them In Prison [VIDEO]

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Author Omar Yamini joined “NewsOne Now” guest host Mo Ivory to talk about his new book, “What’s Wrong With You!” Yamini detailed how a series of bad choices and hanging out with the wrong people got him a 15 year prison sentence. Yamini also details the effect incarceration has on people. Listen to his powerful testimony below.

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Be sure to listen to “NewsOne Now” with Roland Martin, weekdays at 7 a.m. EST and watch at 9 a.m. EST on TV One. 

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Cormega Talks “Mega Philosophy” LP, Reconnecting With The Firm, & His Place In Hip Hop History

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(AllHipHop Features) “We got to get back to our true essence, before everybody and they mama start telling us what Hip Hop is.” Author/lecturer Sadiki Bakari’s passionate speech about how Hip Hop is currently being presented to the masses opens Cormega’s fifth studio album Mega Philosophy.

From the moment the “A New Day Begins” intro track starts it becomes clear Mega is looking to take listeners beyond the swagged out, turnt up affairs many contemporary rap performers rely upon in their musical content.

Mega Philosophy is an album that adopts the approach of Hip Hop serving as a journal for the real life societal concerns and personal issues many people are facing today. Mega’s latest LP also shines a light on valuing knowledge of self and honest artistic expression.

With this album, Cormega takes on the role of Kemetic scholar Imhotep – a sage who uses mystical knowledge and modern understanding…

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Spike Lee Mixes ‘Do The Right Thing”s Radio Raheem Scene With Eric Garner’s Death [VIDEO]

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Eric Garner, 43, was killed Thursday after being placed in an illegal chokehold by the NYPD and filmmaker Spike Lee has drawn a chilling comparison between Garner’s death and Radio Raheem’s death in “Do The Right Thing.”

Read more from Shadow and Act:

Director Spike Lee took the video of the incident, which went viral, and intercut scenes of Radio Raheem’s death sequence in his seminal 1989 film, “Do The Right Thing,” essentially holding up a mirror to reality, emphasizing how much his art seemingly imitates (or maybe I should say, reflects) real life – still, some 25 years later, since that film’s release.

As previously reported by NewsOne, angry residents, politicians and activists rallied on Staten Island Saturday, protesting Garner’s death.

RELATED: [VIDEO] NYPD Chokehold Kills Asthmatic Staten Island Man

The group met outside the Tompkinsville shop where the altercation happened before marching to…

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